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We strive to see a world where women and children are empowered

Bruderhilfe is a non-governmental organisation duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2017.

Bruderhilfe is dedicated to improving the health, education of children and youth in rural and urban societies, embarking on sustainable community development projects, and creating socio-economic opportunities for children, women and families in rural and urban communities.

We focus on the excluded members of the societies, the less privileged and rural, hard-to-reach communities with little access to socio-economic development programmes of government and private corporations. The organisation (as our name translated into English Brotherly Help indicates) seeks as a broad goal to improve the quality of life for all, but with particular emphasis on the vulnerable and undeserved populations.


We work on promoting rights to qualitative education through the human rights based approach to development. Bruderhilfe through community sensitisation, mobilisation, capacity building, scholarships, and project modelling with specific emphasis on basic education is working and will continue to work in the education sector in different parts of Nigeria.

Social Inclusion

We are committed to working on the sustainable ways of improving the terms of participation in society, particularly for people who are disadvantaged, through enhancing opportunities, access to resources, voice and respect for rights.

Women and children

We are working on promoting rights of women and children with specific emphasis on gender equity and gender sensitivity. We do these through empowerment like disbursement of seed grant to boost local businesses of women, renovation and provision of educational materials for children in educationally disadvantaged regions, all with the aim of improving livelihoods of families in rural communities.

Our core values


We are moved and are guided by a sense of godliness manifested in showing love and concerns to our neighbours especially the disadvantaged and lowly ones as we love and value ourselved which God Himself exemplified.


We see ourselves as a group of people with helping hand to lift up the downtrodden from their lowly positions.


To be part of a people with the mind of extending hands of love and devoted service to make the society a better and more equitable one.


We are determined to be steadfast, thorough, consistent in our activities, planning, and implementation and in abiding with values, principles that shaped our work.


We are open in our conduct, in making decision and interaction with people regardless of status and condition.


We are responsible and accountable for our actions as an organisation. We owe it as stewards to be accountable to God and to people He surrounds us with.


We are committed to a fair and impartial view of people and strongly believe in equal opportunities for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion, disability, location and health status.

Positive Attitude

We are always guided by a sense of optimism in the successful implementation of our programmes despite the internal and external challenges that surrounds us.

Team spirit

We energetically work together to bring an end to discrimination, socio-economic exclusion and poverty.


Our Objectives

To ensure an increased accessibility and provision of socio-economic services for the less-privileged and the socially excluded members of the society.

To promote and advocate for the rights of children and support young people in building a just,democratic and inclusive society, enhancing human security and improving livelihood for the poor and excluded.

To build the capacity and strengthen the ability of the less privileged and poor people mostly in rural areas to hold governments at all levels and corporate bodies accountable towards enhancing their access to quality services.

To improve and increase the literacy level of women, boys and girls in rural communities and put in place material and non-material facilities that will promote their safety and participation in public and private spaces.

To enhance human security and improved livelihood for the poor and excluded.

Our team

  • Mary Oluwabamigbe Bruder

    Executive Director/President

    She is a graduate of political science with passionate devotion to philanthropy and humanitarian work. Mary spent most of her adult life in the diaspora, with work experience spanning over two and half decades, consulting for businesses with a major stake in the shipping and logistic industry. She is the founder/Executive Director of of BruderHilfe Social Development initiative an NGO that caters for the Social and economic development of underserved communities in Nigeria.Mary registered a parallel organisation in Germany, equally called Bruderhilfe e.V, to cover her humanitarian activities in the European Space. Coupled with her humanitarian work, She doubles as the Managing Director of PPSS GmbH, a logistic outfit in Berlin, Germany. She was also two-time treasurer of NIDO-Germany e.V. Mary Bruder is blessed with two daughters - Cynthia and Olajumoke.

  • Kehinde Stephen Awoyele

    Capacity Building and Skill Development Head

    He is presently skills expert at AHK Nigeria, under the Skills Experts Program (SEP) of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy with the network of German Chambers of Commerce (DIHK), to mainstream needed skills for German companies and their service providers in Nigeria. Before joining the team of Delegation of German Industry and commerce/AHK Nigeria as Coordinator for the German Dual Vocational Training Partnership with Nigeria; where he innovatively delivered the German Dual Vocational Training Concept, within the framework of private sector implementation of curriculum-based, apprenticeship system in the participating industrial sectors (2012-2018) of Nigeria.Engr Kehinde Stephen Awoyele came back from Germany to his home country as a returnee expert under the auspices of Centre for International Migration (CIM) / World University Service (WUS). He then joined International Energy Academy (IEA) Lagos to deliver innovation in Renewable Energy Education and Training as Facilitator and Business Development Manager. During his over 12 years of engineering studies and work in Germany, Awoyele worked as project Manager in the German IT and renewable Energy Sectors.Before his sojourn abroad, he was an active innovator and mobiliser in the Nigerian agricultural sector, he worked as coordinator for the Nigerian farmers Organisation and as top civil servant (Director of Agriculture) in the Oyo State Civil service of Nigeria. Awoyele is happily married with two boys and a girl. He is an astute Chess player. He is in charge of capacity building and skill development programmes of Bruder Hilfe Social Development Initiative.

  • Tosin Makinde

    Programme/Research Development Manager

    He is a graduate of M.Div in Missiology, B.Sc History and International Studies, ND Mass Communication who specialises in Social Development Research and Programming. He is a passionate and trained Development worker in the area of research and Programming. He has been trained,volunteered and worked for different developmental and humanitarian organisations in the Nigeria. He is presently the Programme and Research Officer for Bruderhilfe Social Development Initiative. His interest lies in deploying tested, practical Sustainable solutions to socio-economic development challenges affecting the poor and rural populace.

  • Cynthia Guentert


    She has over 20 years experience running organisations involved with immigrants and Europeans. She also works with Aids Hilfe in Switzerland. She strongly believes in equal opportunities and treatment for all and believes in each person's capabilities and that everyone deserves a chance. She asserts that every human being deserves the chance to express themselves and function.

  • Adeoya Ajibola

    Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

    He graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in industrial Chemistry, and a second degree from the University of Lagos in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He is a creative artist who is passionate about alleviating the plights of the less-privileged in the society.

  • Ayodele Margaret Abosede

    Financial officer

    Ayodele Margaret Abosede was born in Bariga Lagos state. She studied Business administration and management in Ondo State Polytechnic and University of Calabar respectively. She loves humanity and cannot stand seeing anyone suffering.

Our Partners

  • Bruderhilfe has partnered with donor agencies like Medshare Inc and Center for Poverty Reduction to distribute containers of donated medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and primary care facilities in over six states in Nigeria
  • Between 2018- 2020, Bruderhilfe patnered with Medshare to deliver donated supplies to Borno, Bauchi, Sokoto and Katsina states as well as to Health facilities in Ogun, Oyo and Lagos states through partner NGOs
  • Nigerian Embassy, Germany
  • Bauchi state Orphans and Vulnerable Children Agency (BASOVCA)
  • Women Youth and Children Improvement Support Initiative (WYCISI)
  • Kyautata wa Iyali Maitama tuggar community empowerment initiative
  • Oladele Olusina foundation
  • SEMA, Borno State Emergency Management Agency and Center for Poverty Reduction
  • Bauchi State Government, Nigeria
Bruder Hilfe Social Development Initiative


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